Why You Should Ditch Your “To-do” List for a “Did-do” List.

To-do lists have been around for ages, and for good reason: they remind us (with their judgemental font) of the neverending tasks vying for our attention, so, theoretically, we get more accomplished. But when we fall short, we’re left feeling “less than,” and that daunting sense of failure can lower productivity.

The rush of pride you get from checking off a task is great, but it fades as soon as the rest of your list’s chores bolden, taunting you with thoughts like, “You’ll never be able to finish this with your migraine,” and, “If you do all that today, you won’t be able to move tomorrow.”

Whether you’re a spoonie or not, the last thing anyone needs is MORE stress in their lives. Too much stress can make the healthiest person in the world sick, and throw us spoonies into a volcanic flare.

So, instead of focusing on a written To-Do list, I mentally list what needs to be done, and if anything is urgent, I write it down. As I do things throughout the day: a load of laundry, folding towels, clearing the kitchen counters, etc., I jot each accomplishment down in my Daily Accomplishments Journal. Shifting the mindset from “have to get this, this, and that done” to “I did all of this today!” is an easy-to-implement way to remove a little stress from day-to-day life.

This journal is amazing:




But you don’t need a fancy planner to adopt this method. Here is a FREE Day Planner for Spoonies, or you can use whatever planner you already have. 🙂


Please remember to remain grateful for the good in your life, even if the good only lasts a moment.


Thanks for reading!



Are you a spoonie?

A non-spoonie going through a stressful time?


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  1. Excellent advice. I only put 2-3 things on my mental to-do list in the morning, then reflect at the end of the day. Even on a bad day, I end up doing more if I really think about it – and get creative about what counts! 😉


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