Spoonify Your Life Series: Hygiene

We spoonies only have so many spoonfuls of energy a day, so it’s important we use them wisely. This post contains a few tips for newer spoonies and reminders of things other spoonies might not have thought about in a while.

Showering can be exhausting for people with chronic pain and fatigue. Gathering your clothes and toiletries, getting in-and-out of the shower, washing, toweling off and getting dressed… I get wiped-out just thinking about it.

10 years of spoonie life has taught me that I DON’T need to shower every day. I CAN make hygiene simpler. And stressing about showering ahead of time only amps up its exhaustion factor.


Below, you’ll find 5 tips and hacks I swear by to keep myself clean without wasting all my spoons. Some tips are widely known, others may be new to you. (Please comment if you have any other tips).

Below that, 5 DIY hygiene ideas (including natural deodorant for those with kidney issues, etc.)


  1. Wipes, Wipes, Wipes!: Baby wipes, general cleansing wipes, intimate wipes, whatever… wet wipes are a great, non-exhausting way to keep yourself clean in-between showers. Sure you’ll be out a few bucks, but the spoons you’ll save will be well worth it.
  2. Dry and/or No Rinse Shampoo: Dry shampoos are awesome for semi-clean hair, but if I have to go more than 2 days without washing my locks, I prefer no-rinse shampoos. I rub it in, it foams up, my hair is cleaner… not shabby. Many also double as foaming body washes.
  3. Gather supplies the night ahead (if you plan on showering in the morning) or in the morning if you plan on showering that night. Spoonies know, breaking tasks into microtasks, allows us to do more throughout the day, and showers are no exception. Keeping my toiletries in a dresser drawer near the clothes I plan to change into, allows me to gather all my supplies at once on my way to the shower.
  4. Shower Seat: If you are easily fatigued, there is no shame in using a shower seat. Sitting will allow you to wash quickly without worrying about slipping, legs cramping (as much), leg weakness, increased back pain, getting dizzy… shower seats allow us to focus on getting clean, plain and simple. They also come in bariatric sizes, and some of the fancier ones are fully adjustable with sliding transfer seats.
  5. Detachable Shower Head: If your chronic illness(es) effect your range of motion, detachable shower heads are an amazing asset. With a detachable shower head, you can cleanse those hard to reach nooks and crannies, and prevent pulled muscles.


DIY deodorant; no-rinse body cleansers & wipes; dry shampoo

Deodorant alternatives: Lemon juice, witch hazel, mouthwash, and more.

Body Cleansers, Dry Shampoos, and Wipes here

*If it’s at all possible, I recommend showering when you have someone nearby to help you. If you live alone, keep your phone nearby for emergencies.

*Shampoos+Conditioners reduce hair washing time by half. 3-in-1 liquids wash and condition hair, and can be used washing your body, cutting time again.

*Sponges with long handles are great for scrubbing hard-to-reach places.

*Don’t forget: Shower Mats in and out of the tub reduce a significant number of falls

*No-slip Bath Steps help you in-and-out if you don’t have a walk-in tub. (A must-have for me!)

* If you can’t shave your legs, Nair is better than nothing.

***Affiliate links above included to save you time. Clicking on and purchasing through one of these links will NOT cost you anything extra, but may provide me with a small commision. Thanks for your support!




  1. Great tips, I have tried dry shampoos, they work pretty good. I have long hair and can go 3 days without washing. I find it hard to use a seat in the shower to sit on, I end up bending over to reach my feet and calves. We have a built in bench that I use to put my feet on to wash and shave. The hardest part for me is getting out of the shower. I have fallen twice, just bruised me up thank goodness.

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